Beginner’s Guide To Skin Infections And Treatments

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Bacteria cause most of the skin infections that people suffer from. Some of the common skin diseases that you and your doctor can encounter include cellulitis, folliculitis, and impetigo among others. People can prevent various skin infection by use of legit skin care products. Visit Nu Skin Facebook reviews to see how such products have helped people take care of their skin. However, sometimes infections do come as a result of bacteria, and one must treat it. It is also important to note at this point that each and every skin infection varies in its presentation and the treatment applied to it is specialized for each.

Common skin infections and how one can treat them


girl holding her chinThis is an infection that commonly affects the outer layer of one’s skin. Its major cause is a bacteria known as Staphylococcus aureus. One of its most visible symptoms is that one experiences some swelling, pain, unusual warmth, tenderness and some redness in the affected area. But severe cases of this infection are characterized by fever, lowering of the blood pressure and one also experiences some restless and tiredness.

If the infection is not attended to, one may experience some pus formation in the infected area, and it may kill skin cells within that infected area. These infections can occur in any part of the body, but mostly it affects the leg parts. One major cause of this skin condition can be as a result of an injury to the skin or when one has scratches or animal bites. These give way for bacteria to enter the skin and cause infections. Skin breakdown on the anus can also lead to this condition more especially in children.


When one is suffering for mild cellulitis, they only need to be subjected to oral antibiotics. But those suffering from the severe type, are treated with intravenous antibiotics in hospitals. These antibiotics include clindamycin and dicloxacillin. When you want to lessen the swelling, you are advised to elevate the affected area.


This is a general term that is used to refer to hair follicles infections. This infection refers to the formation of red pimples along the infected area. One can also experience some pain, tenderness and even redness along the infected area. If the infection is not treated and spreads further deep, then pus can form.


Topical antibiotics are recommended for mild folliculitis. But more severe cases of this infection may require one to procure a surgical cut and drainage of the infected area. After undergoing this process, one is advised to clean the area with antibacterial soap. Then after that apply the antibiotic ointment.


herbal skin care productsThis is a common and contagious infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Even though it is not that common in adults, it is usually common in kids that are aged between 2-5 years. It is majorly spread through direct contact between the infant and the person infected. Some of its common symptoms include sores, blisters, and rupture within the infected area.


This can be treated by the application of oral antibiotics and topical ointment within the infected area. To avoid it spreading to the other parts of the body, one is advised to stop scratching the sores and blisters.

The above information will enable you to detect the infections early so that you take the appropriate measures to curb them.