Choosing a Bedside Lamp

Many homeowners often overlook the role played by bedside lamps. However, having a bedside lamp in your bedroom greatly enhances the ambiance. For instance, bedside lamps provide soft and warm lighting that is sufficient for reading, watching, and dressing up. It is worth noting that choosing a bedside lamp malaysia is not just about grabbing the first one you come across. You need to pay attention to several factors. And here are some factors to consider when shopping for bedside lamps.

bedside lampsStyle

You can use a beside lap to achieve spice things up in your bedroom. If you know the style you want to achieve, you need to limit your options to bedside lamps to help you style things up. For instance, if you prefer having a contemporary bedroom, then you should settle for chrome or glass finished lamps. On the other hand, a retro-style lamp is a perfect choice if you need a traditional yet elegant finish.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of a bedside table can make or break your bedroom’s aesthetics. As far as the sizing goes, the rule of thumb is the lampshade should be close to two-thirds of the lamps’ body, and its width should be twice as large as that of the most extensive part of the lamp. As far as the shape goes, make sure that both the lamp and the lampshade match.


The height of the lamp is often informed by how you intend to use the lamp. The height is significant for bedroom readers. Ideally, readers are advised to go for a lamp that a few inches taller than the nightstand. Make sure that that lamp does not shine on your eyes when seated on the bed.

Lighting bedside lighting

Lighting is critical when shopping for a lamp. For instance, if you have a king-sized mattress or have a partner, it is advisable to go for two bedside lamps. If your room does not have a primary lighting fixture, you might be forced to add a third bedside lamp for the area across your bed. As far as lighting goes, the number of stands or the type you buy is a matter of personal preferences.

While choosing a bedside lamp, style, size, and height are just a few considerations to make. You might also be required to consider your budget and a host of other things that do not have to do with the lamp’s functional aspects.