Factors To Consider When Hiring An Asbestos Removal Company

tube infected by Asbestos

Much has been said, debated, written and published about asbestos. Although there are various views on different aspects of this subject, all players and health experts do agree on one thing; asbestos poses a grave health hazard to all. Without a doubt, only asbestos removal experts are well placed to handle such a sensitive and health conscious task. However, with a million and one players in the industry, how does one pick the right asbestos removal and disposal contractor? Well, here is how to ascertain whether an asbestos removal is qualified for the job.


Top asbestos removal companies have at least some kind of accreditation to show for their diligent work. Accreditation from a reputable body also sends a silent message that the firm adheres to the industry standards. This might include soundness in dealing with environment issues especially if the company is handling toxic substances like asbestos.

men doing Asbestos removal

Accreditation also means that the company staffs are properly trained and qualified in working with such toxic material such as asbestos. Some of the qualifications that staff needs to hold in this industry include UKATA, EUSR, PASMA, and CSCS. Without accreditation, it can be very difficult to prove whether the papers held by the companies’ staff are valid and acceptable in the industry. Choosing an unqualified team to remove your asbestos is the worst mistake that you can ever make. It can expose grave health risk to the people removing it as well as those in the surrounding area.

Physical Office

In an industry with thousands of players, it’s possible that a good percentage may just be quacks with zero knowledge in asbestos removal. Always ascertain whether the purported asbestos removal company has a physical address and pay a visit. By having a keen observation, it’s easy to conclude whether the enterprise qualifies to handle a dangerous task like asbestos removal. For instance, what will you make of an asbestos removal company operating from the backstreet in a single room shared by a shoe cobbler? Remember, an image speaks volume.


Public liability insurance and third party insurance protects the homeowner from liabilities from any adverse eventuality. Any asbestos removal company lacking these two important insurance coverages is not worth hiring unless you agree to carry all the associated risks.


icon for contacting a serviceGet a few contacts of the people the company has worked for and make some inquiries about to the service that was provided to them by the asbestos removal company. An asbestos removal company without any reviews or that isn’t ready to give one should be avoided.