Benefits of the diamond ring

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Diamonds are very rare gemstones with a very high value. The diamond is used to make attractive and luxurious ornaments. Diamonds are admired as they have a sparkling glow and add aesthetic value to worn beauty accessories. You can choose My Diamond Auction is your ring buyer.

Item of beauty

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Diamond rings are luxurious accessories that complement one’s beauty. It acts as a fashion statement of an individual and reveals an intense interest in beauty and personal wellness. Diamond rings can be used to accessorize most attire and will provide an extra glitter which gives an individual a level of confidence and pride that adds to their natural beauty. Moreover, it draws other people you making you feel acceptable and appreciated.

Item of power and wealth

The affordability of a range of diamond accessories acts a public statement of wealth and power. The diamond ring reveals the financial stability one enjoys and demonstrates their level of influence within the society. Moreover, diamond rings add a pleasant facial luster and tune the mind towards success which is a way of gaining a good social status.

Can be used as a collateral

Diamonds are considered as secure investments hence can be used as collateral when soliciting for a bank or capital loan.   Due to their high prices, they can be held as security for a credit facility. With a proper valuation of the diamond rings, banks can advance funds against the value of the rings. Moreover, the high resale value of the diamond ring acts as a guarantee for monetary access.

Medicinal value

It is believed that wearing a diamond ring has great medicinal value and is believed to cure urinary problems, skin conditions, and diabetes among others. Moreover, by wearing a diamond ring, it becomes possible to escape from negative thoughts as an individual enjoys a positive attitude that pushes off stress and a level of confidence to tackle life challenges.

Spiritual benefits

According to astrology diamonds have a close relation with Venus which shows some close dominance to gender strengths. According to Feng shui practices and beliefs, diamonds have great strength and protection value. It is also believed that the luminescent stones transfer these lamination qualities to individuals who wear them.

Token of appreciation

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In case you are wondering what the best thing to surprise a loved one with a diamond ring would be that coveted gift is. Diamond rings represent great memories shared within a relationship and remind the partners of the thoughtful nature of their partners leading to treasuring each other.


How To Best Reclaim Your PPI

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Payment protection insurance (PPI) was to meet payments on bank loans, credit card or mortgage for limited periods if the policyholder becomes ill, incapacitated or lost their income generating sources. Additionally, in most circumstances, the self-employed or unemployed are mis-sold the PPI as they are deemed as not eligible to makes successful claims. However, reclaiming a PPI is possible with no hassle and gives one’s the true value of their policy. Therefore, in making a successful ppi reclaim, one has to;

Check whether they had a PPI

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Before launching a claim, it is necessary that one gets to check whether a PPI arrangement occurred when they applied or the loan, credit card or mortgage was being processed. This can be done even when the loan has been fully paid off by scrutinizing loan documents or by contacting the money lending institutions. Moreover, it is necessary to make a claim to the PPI in proper timing as some policies have an expiry date.

Identifying a missold PPI

It is possible to identify a missold PPI, especially where one was pressured into buying, or it was not made as optional or where one was convinced that a PPI bid was a requirement to access a credit facility. In some extent, the officers processing the loan knew that you would not be eligible for the claim since you were self-employed or had a pre-existing illness.

Make the claim complaint

After realizing that one has a viable claim, one then proceeds to fill in a free claim form provided by the Financial Ombudsman Service.  It is also necessary to seek professional consultation, advice or indulgence of expert claim handlers to assist in processing the claim and legally follow-up on the same.

Make a claim to the lender

At this juncture, make a formal claim to the lender explaining the steps taken in reclaiming the missold PPI. This informs the lender to appropriate their actions and plan on how to repay their claims. Moreover, the lender may make an arrangement with the Complainant to evaluate and inform them on the progress of their claim. Moreover, they may also prove whether the claim is viable and payable.

Receive your claim

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Lenders have about six to eight weeks maximum to make a formal response to the complaint. This may be accompanied by the payment of the claim. Claim handling experts may assist their client to do the right valuation on whether the claim repaid amounts to the amounts paid to the PPI or owed to their client.